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Status of metrics that address international health information interoperability.

1) Current status of evaluation indicators

The international example of a metric that considers health information interoperability is the Meaningful Use (MU) of electronic health records, the attestation portion of the U.S. Medicare/Medicaid EHR incentive program, which began in 2011 and was replaced by Advancing Care Information (ACI) in 2017.

Meaningful use (MU) of electronic health records versus advancing care information (ACI)

2) Highlights

Advancing Care Information (ACI) has six goals: 1) protecting patient health information, 2) e-prescribing, 3) patient access to computers, 4) coordinating care through patient engagement, 5) health information exchange, and 6) public health and clinical registry reporting.

public health and clinical data registry reporting.

Full list of goals and metrics for Advancing Care Information

Overall, it is designed to assess the extent to which health information is exchanged outside of the healthcare organization, such as with patients and other healthcare organizations, while

protect this information, and ③ assess the extent to which some information is shared with national authorities.

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